Společnost přátel a rodičů Střediska "DAR"

The Association of Parents and Friends of the „DAR“

Centre was founded by parents and professionals in 1991. At the beginning our main effort was aimed towards, and on behalf of existence and support of the day-care rehab centre in Prague 6, mainly to improve the quality of care, the instalation of hydrotherapy equipment, purchasing of rehabilitation aids and tools.

At the present time the Centre „DAR“ is firmly embodied in the network of comunity services, its founder being the City of Prague, its managment Social Care Service department - DC Paprsek.
We organize meetings and events for the parents and children. At the same time we try to improve the level of the services provided by the Centre DAR – by supporting further staff education, by financing hipotherapy once per week for children from the day-care, as well as for the children from special classes, who share its facility, and who are pupils of the Rooseveltova school in Prague 6.
Since February 1998 we provide respite care once every month over the weekend for
7 most needy children with severe disabilities. In an emergency such as a sudden crisis in a child client´s family we are able to provide immediate individual respite care.
The goal of the respite care project is to help and support the families in their demanding everyday task of caring for children with disabilities, to enable them to draw new strenght and energy. And therefore consequently try to lower the likelihood of parents´ decision to place cthe children in institutional care, the reason for which being the mother´s exhaustion, disruption of parents´ relations, neglecting the needs of other siblings, etc.
The services provided by our civic association, together with the daily care at the day-care centre, and the education for school age children, enable the family to keep their child with disabilities at home.
How I learned to ski at my old age
A few years ago, our younger daughter Tereza began to learn how to ski. I thought I would try it, too. But I spent most of the time below the slope with Krystof. My husband, an experienced skier and snowboarder, was skiing with our daughter. Thanks to the possibility of respite weekends and individual assistance, we got the opportunity to get to the mountains often only three of us. Even such a sports dullard like me, for the first time managed to go down red slopes in the Alps. It was an unforgettable experience for me - being up high on the white plains and not to be afraid to go down the hill. I was greatly relaxed, cleared my head and gained the energy for everyday life. And Krystof knows that relaxed mother means more pleasant and smiling mum. And he will pay back to me with his beautiful happy smile.
I would therefore like to thank to all the staff of the DAR centre who
take care of Krystof. Our whole family and especially I appreciate their help so much.

Klara Capova, mother of Krystof